USA Today intervjuar Rob, Kristen och Taylor

USA Today intervjuar Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson och Taylor Lautner efter Oprah shown:

CHICAGO — Dashingly disheveled Robert Pattinson has an infectious, high-pitched laugh that would never do for his seductive vampire lover-boy, Edward Cullen.

Buff-and-polished Taylor Lautner is pocket-size compared with the looming stature of his werewolf counterpart, Jacob Black.


Casual yet cool Kristen Stewart can be a real chatterbox, unlike her moody Bella Swan, the high schooler in a romantic tug of war between these two supernatural objects of teen desire.


But all three take their Twilight-related duties to heart, whatever they might require. Stewart even leaps up in a panic at one point, fearing she misspelled a word in her salutation to Winfrey. She checks the book: “Believe — ie or ei?”


“I before e except after c,” Pattinson responds. She checks. “Oh, yeah,” she says with a triumphant fist pump.


Pattinson laughs. “I almost spelled Oprah wrong. I almost wrote Opera.”


Läs HELA långa intervjun här.


UPPD: Nu hittade jag en super mega duper söt bild på trion på Twidazzled, men bara kolla på Kristen och Rob!!!! Alltså jag kan inte neka deras föhållande längre!!!


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