Rob i en studio i Los Angeles

En kvinna har twittrat den här bilden på Rob och skrev att det var på en studio i Los Angeles.

Från EclipseMovie:

She had tweeted last night that a certain emo vamp & his RL girlfriend are coming into the studio tomorrow. Mr. G refuses to ask for autographs. :(

And then later tweeted the following:

I tried to get Mr. G to bring in my Jacob poster for R.Pattz to sign but he said no. *snicker*

So according to ‘Ginger Swan’ Rob was there with Nikki Reed doing some ADR for Eclipse…. but I thought Kristen was his RL girlfriend… I am so darn confused now!


‘I told the kids that “Edward” was at Daddy’s work today. My 5 y.o. son says, “I hope he doesn’t suck daddy’s blood” *giggle*’

Källa || EclipseMovie


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