Metric avslöjar Eclipse låtens placering

Metric sångerskan avslöja var deras låt för Eclipse soundtracket - "Eclipse (All Yours)" - ska vara! Låter så bra!

Emily Haines (lead singer of Metric) discusses the song placement of "Eclipse (All Yours)":


"It was one of the most interesting experiences of my musical life so far," singer Emily Haines tells Spinner of the journey that began with a call from
Oscar-winning Canadian composer Howard Shore, who previously scored 'The
Lord of the Rings
.' "He handpicked us to write a song with him for
the last scene of the film."


"He wrote the whole score to build to that moment. I'm just fascinated by the scale of that as a writer. Our challenge was to express an epic euphoria, which was hard for us – we're
big on minor chords. But it's got a big sound. I think it's a beautiful


The Twilight Examiner weighs in on the song placement:


The end of the book (excluding the Epilogue), Eclipse, involves Bella finally accepting Edward's ring and agreeing to tell Charlie about the news. So, could METRIC's song be tied in with this scene?
We'll have to wait and see, but if the film script is like the book, it
surely will be!

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