Melissa snackar Breaking Dawn manus

Här har vi en intervju med Melissa Rosenberg där hon snackar om hur det är att skriva Breaking Dawn manuset. :) Intressant...

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Intervju med Nikki

Här är en kort intervju som Nikki Reed gjorde med MTV. Hon snackar om hur Rosalies och Bellas vänskap utvecklas i Breaking Dawn.

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Anna på Late Late Show

Här är en intervju med Anna Kendrick hos Late Late Show med Craig Ferguson i fredags (13 augusti) för att snacka om Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

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Anna på Jay Leno

Anna Kendrick var med på Jay Leno Tonight igår. Här är intervjun och några bilder från shown.

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Nicola snackar om hennes och Robs nya film

Jackson Rathbones The Last Airbender co-star Nicola Peltz kommer att vara Robert Pattinson co-star i hans nya film Unbound Captives, som kommer spelas in nästa år. Här är en liten intervju med Nicola - och Jackson bland annat - där hon snackar om den kommande filmen.

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Dom absolut bästa intervjuerna!

Åh gud dom är så bra och man skrattar riktigt mycket! Älskar verkligen Robs och Kristens!

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Ashley Greene pratar om sin film "Butter"

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Tila Tequila säger att Kristen är hennes drömtjej

Börjar vid 1:40

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GLAMOUR intervjuar Alex och Booboo

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Moviefone Unscipted Funniest Moments with The Twilight Cast

Så detta är en video där Moviefone Unscipted har valt ut dom roligaste delarna i Twilight Castets intervjuer, verkligen värt och se!

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Ny In Style intervju med Robert

Åh han är sååååå HET på den bilden!

Robert Pattinson drinks tea with milk for breakfast. He switchs off the air conditioning and in exchange opens a window. During the interview in the “Four Seasons” Hotel in Beverley Hills the 24-year-old Twilight star wears a black t-shirt with beige Levis jeans. His legendary hair is cut short at the sides. That’s because of his role in the circus-drama “Water for Elephants” set in the 30th, which he shoots at the moment alongside Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz. A huge difference to Edward Cullen, the vampire, with which millions of girls have fallen in love. In the third film of the series, named “Eclipse”, Bella (Kristen Stewart) has to avow to her undying love. In real life both of them remain silent about their relationship. Robert continues to be a man girls dream about.

All your “Twilight” colleagues said that you were in love with Edward after reading the books. In love with a vampire that abstains from sex before marriage. What do you think of that?
I think that Edward’s afraid of sex (laughs). No, I kind of understand his point of view, because the stage in which you are not sure of yourselves in a relationship is the most exciting. Maybe I’m old fashioned in this respect. There shouldn’t be rules for love. Some couples meet in a bar, sleep with each other the same evening and live happily ever after.

What do you think of girls that cry “Marry me” at your film premieres?
It’s mind-blowing but it’s just a part of my job. You once said that you had the deepest relationship with your dog…
I was only partly serious. Unfortunately my dog, a West Highland Terrier, died last december. He was 18 years old. I love dogs and I’d love to get one again, an older one that’s already been trained. Do I want a dog that’s already perfect? That would be like getting a furnished apartment. Very impersonal.

But you’re used to that right? You only drive rental cars, live in hotels, eat in restaurants. How does it feel to be homeless?
It’s necessary. In Los Angeles I live in 5 different hotels, because after two days the paparazzi will be waiting in front of the hotel. I don’t buy a house because of that. After one week thousands of people would know were I live – that’s no home.

How is it to live in a hotel?
The roomservice’s not good for me. In London I was addicted to greasy indian chicken dishes. Now in L.A. I order 5 healthy dishes, which are delivered in the morning. I’am only able to make toast and I add barbecue sauce to everything (laughs).

Do you sometimes feel lonely in the hotel?
There’s no time for that. I’m surrounded by people all the time. On the set you ask threehundred people “How’s it going?” every day. I could easily live two months without talking to a single person.

Was it preferable not to be famous?
No, only more boring. Former I wasn’t allowed to enter clubs. Now I’m avoiding them. The four months previous to the first “Twilight” premiere were the months I partied the most. All of a sudden I was standing on the guest list of the coolest clubs of L.A. The paparazzi didn’t know me back then but all of the bouncers let me in. In London things are different. If you slip the bouncer 200 pounds, you get in, no matter if you’re famous or not. But I think my clubbing-times have passed.


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Adam Lambert avslöjar vilket Team han är på

Adam Lambert är vinnaren av American Idol 2010 och i en intervju avslöjade han om han är Team Edward eller Team Jacob. Det börjar vid 1:47

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Taylor i Italy's Nick Magazine

Taylor i Italy's Nick Magazine pic scans och intervju

What’s the role you dream about?
The next one. The most important role is always the one you’re about to face.
What’s keep you down to earth?
My family, my friends…what’s important is to not throw away what you have.
People get in trouble when they become someone else. So you lose the
people you care about. It’s like I have a double life: the old one that
is still the same, and this one as an actor which allows me to travel
and to see girls with my name tattooed on their arms. At home my life is
normal like everyone else’s.
This doesn’t seem to bother you
At all. I won’t change my situation for nothing in the world.
What do you like about women (except tattoos)?
Loyalty. My ideal woman should be honest and sincere. I have to trust my woman.
Have you ever “shared” a woman with a friend?
Fortunately no, at least not until now.
Who do you asks advices?
People I trust: my friends and my parents.
Do you like to take risks ad an actor?
Absolutely. An actor can hazard without jeopardizing his real life so you should
take any risks possible. I admire Jacob for being who he is: a man who
never quits and stands for what he believes in. I know people prefer
Edward and I can understand that, he’s a really nice guy.
If you can choose movies to express your personality, which ones would you choose?
For my romantic part I’d choose The Notebook, for my fighting side I’d
choose The Gladiator. I really like super heroes movies like Batman or
Spider Man. I recently discovered Iron Man thanks to the wonderful
interpretation by Robert Downey Jr.
Is acting “your road”?
Now I’m happy to be an actor. I’d probably be an athlete right now but
acting involves both physics and psychology, so I can try so many
different things. I like to write too and, who knows, maybe someday I
can direct someone in a movie. But it’s too soon to talk about it.

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Kellan Lutz på Lopez Tonight

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Kristen pratar rykten i intervju

Kristen pratar om alla rykten som har gått runt henne och Rob i en intervju.

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Melissa Rosenberg snackar Breaking Dawn

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Kellan gästar Lopez Tonight

Kellan Lutz hos Lopez Tonight.

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Eclipse cast intervjuas av James Kleinmann

David Slade, Ashley Greene, Xavier Samuel, Booboo Stewart och Alex Meraz intervjuas av James Kleinmann.

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Bryce på Regis och Kelly live shown

Bryce Dallas HowardRegis och Kelly igår (7 juni) morse.

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Jackson Rathbone på The Today Show

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